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First Impressions

First Impressions

A Contemporary Retelling of Pride and Prejudice

By Debra White Smith

The Story

In an attempt to get to know the people of London, Texas–the small town that lawyer Eddi Boswick now calls home–she tries out for a local theater group’s production of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. She’s thrilled to get the role of lively Elizabeth Bennet . . . until she meets the arrogant–and eligible–rancher playing her leading man.

Dave Davidson chose London, Texas, as the perfect place to live under the radar. Here, no one knows his past, and he can live a quiet, peaceful life with his elderly aunt, who also happens to own the local theater. Dave doesn’t even try out for the play, but suddenly he is thrust into the role of Mr. Darcy and forced to spend the entire summer with Eddi, who clearly despises him.

Sparks fly every time Eddi and Dave meet, whether on the stage or off. But when Eddi discovers Dave’s secret, she has to admit there might be more to him than she thought. Maybe even enough to change her mind . . . and win her heart.

(Back cover summary from Bethany House)


I’ve long been a fan of Pride and Prejudice—the movies at least. I’m sad to say that I have not yet finished the original novel, but I’m working on it! Now, I won’t get started on which movie version I like the best, but I will say that length is a big factor for me. 😉

First Impressions is a sweet retelling of this classic story, this time set in London, Texas. The characters that Ms. Smith creates harken back to the original story, but each has a bit of a twist. I loved getting to know these beloved characters in new ways, and I felt that Ms. Smith did justice to the story.

I enjoyed watching as Eddi and Dave got to know each other better, and seeing the sparks fly as misunderstandings arose. There were times where I felt the story lagged a bit, but I did appreciate that Ms. Smith stayed true to the major plot points key to the book. I definitely would have been disappointed to see any missing. I liked the portrayal of the sisters in particular.

Overall, I enjoyed First Impressions, but it didn’t grip my attention as much as I would have liked. If you’re a fan of Jane Austen or Pride and Prejudice and looking for something a little different, I would definitely suggest First Impressions.

About the Author

Debra White Smith is a seasoned author, speaker, and media personality who has fifty-four books to her credit, both fiction and nonfiction, with more than one million copies in print. Her work has appeared on various bestseller lists, and she has repeatedly been voted a reader favorite. She holds a BA and MA in English and lives in Texas. Visit her at http://www.debrawhitesmith.com for more information.

(Biography from Bethany House)

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are mine alone.