Between Two Shores

Between Two Shores

By Jocelyn Green

The Story

She Has Always Moved Between Worlds,

But Now She Must Choose a Side

The daughter of a Mohawk mother and French father in 1759 Montreal, Catherine Duval would rather remain neutral in a world tearing itself apart. Content to trade with both the French and the British, Catherine is pulled into the Seven Years’ War against her wishes when her British ex-fiancé, Samuel Crane, is taken prisoner by her father. Samuel claims he has information that could help end the war, and he asks Catherine to help him escape.

Peace appeals to Catherine, even if helping the man who broke her heart does not. But New France is starving, and she and her loved ones may not survive another winter of conflict-induced famine. When the dangers of war arrive on her doorstep, Catherine and Samuel flee by river toward the epicenter of the battle between England and France. She and Samuel may impact history, but she fears the ultimate cost will be higher than she can bear.

(Back cover summary from Bethany House)


This novel was enthralling. I knew that it was going to be a different sort of tale Jocelyn Green told this time, but I wasn’t prepared for this. Between Two Shores is not a historical romance like Jocelyn’s last few novels. This time, she explores the bonds of family and a love that can be stretched beyond empires and difficult choices.

Catherine Stands-Between has always longed to be loved. She returned to help her father with the hope that she could bring him back from his dark places, and that he would love her in turn.  A fair trade. In her youth, her romance was built upon a similar idea. But as her story unwinds, neither of those two loves are enough. This novel explores the love of family, and the love that will ultimately meet our loneliest places.

Between Two Shores explores a period of the Seven Years War that I was unfamiliar with, since the little I knew covered only the French and Indian War from the American colonists’ perspective. It truly is a breathtaking historical masterpiece, that incredibly walks between, as the novel spans nations: the Kahnawake Mohawks, the French, and the British. Jocelyn Green strikes the balance in this novel of not painting any of the nations as the villain or the hero, as so often we do looking back through history.

As this novel sped to a conclusion, there were times when my eyes were filled with tears. Like life, the end of an adventure does not always look as one would like, and it does not leave one unmarked. But I loved how Jocelyn resolved it all, with a love highlighted from our Creator that meets our every need, exactly where we are.

About the Author

Jocelyn Green ( inspires faith and courage as the award-winning and bestselling author of numerous fiction and nonfiction books, including The Mark of the King, Wedded to War, and The 5 Love Languages Military Edition, which she coauthored with bestselling author Dr. Gary Chapman. Her books have garnered starred reviews from Booklist and Publishers Weekly, and have been honored with the Christy Award, the gold medal from the Military Writers Society of America, and the Golden Scroll Award from the Advanced Writers & Speakers Association. She graduated from Taylor University in Upland, Indiana, with a BA in English, concentration in writing. Jocelyn lives with her husband, Rob, and two children in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Visit her at

(Biography from Bethany House)

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are mine alone.

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