A Noble Masquerade

51nPbaqFk8L._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Book Review: A Noble Masquerade

Author: Kristi Ann Hunter

Review by Grace Olson

The Story

Taken from Bethany House’s website description of A Noble Masquerade:

Lady Miranda Hawthorne acts every inch the lady, but inside she longs to be bold and carefree. Approaching spinsterhood in the eyes of society, she pours her innermost feelings out not in a diary but in letters to her brother’s old school friend, the Duke of Marshington. Since she’s never actually met the man she has no intention of ever sending the letters and is mortified when her brother’s mysterious new valet, Marlow, mistakenly mails one of the letters to the unsuspecting duke.

Shockingly, this breach of etiquette results in a reply from the duke that soon leads to a lively correspondence. Insecurity about her previous lack of suitors soon becomes confusion as Miranda finds herself equally intrigued by Marlow, a man she has come to depend upon but whose behavior grows more suspicious by the day. As the secret goings-on at her family’s estate come to light, one thing is certain: Miranda’s heart is far from all that’s at risk for the Hawthornes and those they love.


When I first heard about A Noble Masquerade, I thought the story had a lot of promise. Oh my, did Kristi meet my expectations and more! A Noble Masquerade has secrets similar to that of Not By Sight, yet contains the humor and quirky heroines reminiscent of Jen Turano’s novels. Which means I absolutely adored this book.

I loved Miranda. She stood out to me as a character since she is so different from a lot of ladies written about during the Regency period. She’s quirky, clumsy, insecure, and completely endearing. The hero (what do I even call him?!) was also wonderful. I loved getting into his head. He was confident, and sometimes a little arrogant, but I loved him. And I felt for him, the poor man, what with everything in his past. The secondary characters were so well done, with each as unique and intriguing as the main characters. Oh, and Miranda’s sister Georgina, argh, she made me so frustrated sometimes!

The plot kept the story moving forward at a fast pace, so much so that I could hardly wait to get back into the story and continue reading. I also appreciated reading about Miranda’s struggle to trust God with her future and His plans for it, since that is something very relatable in all of life.

A Noble Masquerade was so much fun to read, and I loved every moment of the story. You should definitely try it out too. If you enjoy the humor of Jen Turano’s books, yet also like that mystery element of Not By Sight, you do NOT want to pass up A Noble Masquerade.

About the Author

Biography from Bethany House: Kristi Ann Hunter graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in Computer Science but always knew she wanted to write. Kristi is an RWA Golden Heart contest winner, an ACFW Genesis contest winner, and a Georgia Romance Writers Maggie Award for Excellence winner. She is a founding member and the coordinator of the Regency Reflections blog and lives with her husband and three children in Georgia. Find her online at http://www.kristiannhunter.com.

I was given a review copy of A Noble Masquerade from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I received no monetary compensation for my review. The opinions expressed are my own.

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