Kisses from Katie

imgresBook Review: Kisses from Katie

Author/s: Katie Davis with Beth Clark

Review by Grace Olson

Children. They are called our world’s most precious resource. But if this resource is so precious, why are hundreds of thousands of them starving and living in abject poverty? Kisses from Katie reveals how one young woman lived and loved radically for her God and Savior, letting herself be used to change lives, one person at a time.

The Story

Katie Davis grew up in the Nashville, Tennessee area. She had a comfortable, happy life, but when she went on a short missions trip with her mom over Christmas break of her senior year in high school, her heart was forever changed. As she witnessed the extreme poverty and need in Uganda, Katie fell in love with the country and its people. Returning from the trip, Katie completed her last semester of high school and along the way realized she needed to go back. Once her parents realized she was serious about this desire, they allowed her to return to Uganda for one year to teach kindergarten in a small community outside of the city of Jinja. Once that year was up, the agreement called for her to return to the United States to enroll in college, but as Katie taught and was taught, her heart became irrevocably tied to Uganda.

God called, and Katie said “Yes,” which resulted in her disappointing her parents’ hopes for her to attend college, friends thinking she was crazy to give up her comfortable life in the U.S., and breaking up with her boyfriend, with whom she was in love.

Now Katie is twenty-two, living in Jinja, Uganda, and is in the process of adopting thirteen Ugandan children. She started the ministry Amazima, which feeds hundreds of children as well as sends them to school, all in response to God’s calling on her life.


Katie’s story is written as though she were having a conversation with her readers. She shares her struggles over the years as well as the successes, but she always points to God and Jesus Christ for the credit.

The stories Katie shares in the book are at times heart-wrenching, bringing me to tears several times as I read about these poor children. I had to skim over several of the stories, so horrified was I at the conditions these people endure. Katie does not mince words; instead, frankly stating the facts of these children and adults’ appalling sicknesses and living conditions. My heart was stirred to compassion for these people who have so little; for these children of four, five years of age who have to dig through the fields or the trash for food for themselves and their families; for the seven and eight-year-olds who are responsible for taking care of their younger siblings, because their parents have left them or died from AIDS or other diseases.

In Kisses from Katie, Katie again and again states that she isn’t special. She isn’t courageous or extraordinary. What she does have is an extraordinary God who cares so much for these little ones. She just allows herself to be used by saying “yes”, when all the world might be telling her to say “no”. A beautiful picture of faith, Katie challenges her readers to say “yes” to being used by God in whatever capacity He is calling them.

About the Author

Beth Clark is a writer and publishing consultant who has ghostwritten four top-ten New York Times bestsellers. She runs a business called Thinkspot Communications in the rolling hills of Franklin, Tennessee. Biography courtesy of

See above in this review under the section entitled The Story to read about Katie.


Kisses from Katie is a book that stirs the heart to compassion, but will that compassion turn to action? This is something I had to think about as I read the book, and I challenge you to as well. My heart hurts for these children, so what am I going to do about it? Neither you nor I need to go all the way to Uganda to be used by God. Though we might be called to go somewhere like that, we can be used right where we are. There are children hurting and in need of our help here in the United States, but the question that is begging to be asked is this: Will you say “yes?” Katie said “yes” to God, and He did extraordinary things in her life. What will your answer be? What will mine be?

Kisses from Katie is available for checkout, download, or paper copy.


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