My Stubborn Heart

imgresBook Review: My Stubborn Heart

Author: Becky Wade

Review by Grace Olson

Well, National Single Awareness Day or Valentines Day, as those of you who have a significant other in your life probably refer to it, is behind us. I hope your day was filled with flowers, chocolate, and promises you did not intend to keep (see Cogsworth’s romantic advice in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast), but mostly chocolate. Definitely chocolate. If you’re still in a romantic mood, Becky Wade’s novel, My Stubborn Heart, might be worth your time.

The Story

Thirty-something Kate Donovan has been praying for the one since she was a little girl, but she has begun to wonder if he’s even out there. Did she miss him? Is it God’s will that she even marry? Or maybe, maybe she just hasn’t met him yet. Maybe he’s still out there. Kate travels with her grandmother to Redbud, Pennsylvania, to restore the house that has been in the family for years. Just the adventure she’s been needing, it is a vacation from her job as a social service worker, and something to occupy her mind besides her failed dating relationships.

Matt Jarreau, an incredibly good-looking man, who just so happens to be a former hockey star, has been hired to help the two women restore the house. He’s clearly been hurt, and Kate is drawn to him immediately. Purposing to become his friend, Kate perseveres stubbornly, despite the fact that he clearly wants to be left alone.

As the house undergoes renovations, Kate develops friendships with the ‘seniors’, friends of her grandmother who live in Redbud, finds herself in antique heaven, and gradually penetrates Matt’s defenses. As their friendship slowly blossoms, she begins to wonders if perhaps God is going to answer her long standing prayer.


Before I continue, I need to add a quick disclaimer about My Stubborn Heart. There has been some controversy surrounding this book and the fact that it contains several words that are offensive to some. This should be duly noted and recognized before you pick this book off the bookshelf. Frankly, I wish I would have known this beforehand, but now you will know if you decide to read this book.

That aside, there were parts of the book I enjoyed. Wade had me laughing at times, and I enjoyed getting to know Kate. An antiquarian (new word alert! Antiquarian: Noun. One who studies, collects, or deals in who also watches HGTV (Home and Garden Television)? Sounds like my kind of girl. Also, the book took a twist that surprised me, something I always appreciate in a novel. After all, who wants to read something they can practically predict from the beginning?

I particularly liked the characters Wade referred to collectively as the ‘seniors‘. These folks added humor to the story, and I enjoyed being introduced to each quirky personality.

The romance in the book goes as far as kissing, one particular kiss being more passionate than the others, but goes no farther.

My Stubborn Heart’s Christian message is subtle, but there. Kate is a Christian who clearly wants to do God’s will and follow His leading, and as the story progresses, this becomes particularly difficult as she struggles with her heart’s desires and her Lord’s leading. Matt also undergoes spiritual change throughout the story.

About the Author

Becky Wade is a wife and mother to three in Dallas, Texas. Over the course of her marriage, she has lived in the Caribbean and Australia. She graduated from Baylor University with a degree in business. This contemporary romance is Wade’s debut novel in the world of inspirational Christian romance, with at least one more book in the works.


Overall, My Stubborn Heart was entertaining and is a good romantic read, but I’m afraid it isn’t going to last long on my bookshelf. Personally, I prefer books with a stronger Christian message, and the book also contains at least one word I wish Wade had not used. On the spectrum of offensive language, this word might be considered mild by some, but for a Christian novel I did not think it was appropriate. This is my honest opinion, which I can tell you differs from some other reviewers out there who loved My Stubborn Heart. Whether you pick up My Stubborn Heart or not, my purpose is to provide you with enough information here to make a decision that is right for you.

This book is available for download or paper copy.

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  1. National Single Awareness Day? Oh my goodness, Grace, I LOVED that!


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